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i just looked it says coming soon on it, that is odd

Was there an issue with big barda, or a whale come in and swoop all remaining up and it hasn't updated yet??

我在火币tp钱包充值了uadt到平台,搞错了heco链,我问tp钱包客服是充值成功了,是可以到账的。 现在平台说不支持heco链,也不给我退币

Do we have new data Adam 🤤

i took picture down because it would be confusing even though we werent price speculating

i would just plug that in bitforex and see how many omi it is

Like 1811/0.003 right? Would make 625 000


well 1811 gems is 1811 USD

错过bnb,囤积儿子。错过儿子中的cake xvs sxp ava wrx...别忘了jex。根正苗红,赵爸何妈流落民间的私生子,血统纯正。总量8亿,价格0.027usdt。廉价亲民,你买不了吃亏,买不了上当受骗。

Hey whats up with VEVE, Big Barda says there are still 844 remaining but its not allowing for the purchase in the store. Something up with that particular one?

Can someone help me calculate, how many OMi is 1811 gems?

Currently only OMI to gems but eventually we’ll be able to convert gems to OMI


I think you can transfer but there is no private sale feature

Or OMI to gems only?

Hi can tou convert GEMS from the veve app to OMI?

You can input the name of the person or the QR code

Yes - you can go to profile and my QR code

Yes there is I just checked

Without auction or anything?

Pretty sure there is

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Is there a way for someone to transfer an NFT to another user in the app?




does kucoin support gochain


in any case... I am entertained

e is also the "Euler" number


KuCoin would suit OMI too and it’s Korean

but instead they did a e^xyz logo

well... then they should make it some reference to sphere and rotation

Nice! Hope it’s KuCoin

they ignored basically everything so far

And i'm still waiting something on this

the buybacks i think have been planned to start when the new exchange listing happens

Excellent thanks for clarifying that man 👌😬

Just accumulate. Its that easy.

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I just hope they don't ignore these messages

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The buybacks are triggered when someone makes an in app purchase with cash, there are 2 methods, if they buy a collectible directly cash for collectible i think 10% of that sale is triggered as a buyback to the reserve, but it also burns 100% of that sale value in OMI. If someone buys gems with cash it pull those OMI from reserve, then buy back 100% of those OMI from the market to restock teh reserve. So when those gems are spent the OMI is burned

Aldrich Bay Promenade 2 3️⃣ 12:25 - 13:10

Oh yes, the perpundickular angles of the cartesian!


The CG and CMC are apprently not updated

Am I correct in saying this?

Euler angles define a vector in euclidean space. And so is the x y z cartesian coordinates. Plus there is a matrix that can link the two.


So the buy backs buy back omi from exchange, sent to vault to be burned from purchases

Are you sure you mean 300 and not 30? That should make this among top 5 NFT projects according to MC